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All Oakridge College calendar dates are added in the Google Calendar below. This includes public holidays. You can easily sync events to your own calendar by clicking on an event date.

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Public Holidays 2017/2018

Date Holiday
16 December 2017 (Sat) Day of Reconciliation
25 December 2017 (Mon) Christmas Day
26 December 2017 (Tue) Day of Goodwill
1 January 2018 (Mon) New Years Day
23-25 Feb (Fri) Mid-Term Break
21 March (Wed) Human Rights Day
30 March (Fri) Good Friday
1 April (Mon) Family Day
27 April (Fri) Freedom Day
27 April (Fri) - 1 May (Mon) Mid-Term Break
1 May (Mon) Workers day
16 June (Sat) Youth Day
18 July (Wed) Nelson Mandela Day (non-holiday)
9 August (Thu) National Women's Day
9-12 August (Thu) Mid-Term Break
24 September (Mon) Heritage Day
16 December (Sun) Day of Reconciliation
17 December (Mon) Day of Reconciliation observed
25 December (Tues) Christmas Day
26 December (Wed) Day of Goodwill
1 January 2019 (Tues) New Years Day